THE DARK TANTRA TAROT is a synthesis of sex, fetishism and spirituality created by Mark and Ruth Ramsden.  This pack can be used for future choices, meditation or to explore a new universe of infinitely variable sexual options. 


0 The Fool - THE SEEKER

The Libertine. Seeking transformation and transcendence. Confront taboos, play with gender, explore power exchange and roleplay. Mischief. Vice Versa. The power of play.


A black velvet bagged limited edition of the Dark Tantra Tarot's 22 major arcana cards with booklet and four renowned London Mistress cards is NOW AVAILABLE.


The original artwork for the deck, mounted to A2 size can also be purchased.



Mark is an acclaimed author and musician with forty years Tarot experience as a reader and guide. Ruth’s exceptional artistry brings the concept vividly to life: these are window cards one can step inside, created by a passionate couple who have shared their energy and lived wisdom.






£ 20.00 + Postage & Packing

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